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Standardized Testing 2023





Dear Camden Fairview families:

From April 18 through April 27, Camden Fairview third through tenth graders will take the ACT Aspire. The results of these tests will be reported to the state as part of our yearly assessment. Although standardized testing shows only a small part of what our students can do, Camden Fairview teachers and administrators will use the data from testing to work to improve students’ learning outcomes next school year.

We want every student motivated, engaged, and encouraged to do their best during testing! Students and families should focus on four “Tickets to Success” that help lead to better test outcomes:

1. Be here.

2. Be on time.

3. Stay focused.

4. Work hard the entire time.

Students who follow the “Tickets to Success” will earn incentives from their school for showing great test-taking behavior. You can help support your student by reviewing the “Tickets to Success” with them. Please also make sure your student:

  • gets plenty of sleep the night before the test;
  • has breakfast on the morning of the test;
  • is at school by 7:55AM on test days;
  • does not have any out-of-school appointments on test days;
  • knows you think they will do well on the tests; and
  • knows you understand the test is important.

Thank you for supporting your student and Camden Fairview!


Ivory Intermediate School: April 18, 19, and 20

Camden Fairview Middle: April 18, 19, and 20

Fairview Elementary (3rd grade only): April 25, 26, and 27

Camden Fairview High (9th and 10th grades only): April 25, 26, 27

Arkansas Department of Education: DESE

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Ivory Intermediate School: ACT Aspire Spring Testing Information

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Camden Fairview High School: ACT Aspire Spring Testing Information