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Elementary AMI Information


Welcome, Camden Fairview Families!

Camden Fairview will transition to Alternative Method of Instruction (AMI) days in the event of inclement weather. Families will be notified of all AMI transitions through our Notify notification system via text messages, emails, and phone calls. Our website and social media pages will also be updated. RadioWorks stations will also announce AMI day building closures.

Our teachers and instructional specialists have prepared AMI packets for each grade level. If the district transitions to an AMI day, K-5 students will need to complete lessons found in the AMI packet that will be sent home with them. For example: if the district takes two AMI days, students will need to complete and return Days 1 and 2 of their AMI packet.

All work must be returned to teachers within five days following the last AMI day. Students not turning in work will receive an unexcused absence.

Additional copies of AMI packets are available below. Please use the links to access the work by grade level and AMI Day.

Fairview Elementary School

Ivory Intermediate School