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Senior Jersey Project

Posted Date: 11/08/2021

Senior Jersey Project

On the morning of October 30, 2021, Camden Fairview High Principal Cara Bowie and Head Football Coach Jake Monden collaborated on a special project geared toward instilling a stronger sense of community and Cardinal pride at CFHS. Monden and Bowie gave the 17 senior Cardinals a chance to give their game jerseys to a teacher who positively impacted their lives. "Each one of our student athletes pays a dear price to be a part of this program. Each player is different and their numbers are personal to them. Each young man has a story," Monden explained. The teachers wore the seniors' jerseys the rest of the day and that night as the Cardinals defeated Hot Springs 31-28 to clinch the 2021 5A South Conference Championship. "It meant a lot to our players. This was a way for our seniors to show our faculty what it means to them to wear Cardinals across their chest. What it means to them as being representation of our school and community. The Pride we have in the Red and White," said Coach Monden.  


It was an emotional morning for both teachers and seniors. Senior Kaveon Ross said, "Giving my jersey to a teacher made me feel proud because I know that we are making a change in our football program and our school. I chose to give my jersey to our principal, Ms. Bowie, because she leads our school in a positive manner." CFHS teacher Gwen Stennis received Norea Brown’s jersey. "There was absolute joy in my heart knowing I had touched his heart in a way that gave me the assurance we are here to touch lives. He’s always held a special place in my heart, having lost his mother in San Diego, California, having to move to Arkansas to live with his grandmother, and the death of an uncle who died three weeks ago. I will forever treasure the impact I have on his life," Stennis said. 


"I feel that giving my jersey meant a lot, not just to me, but to the teachers. We tried to show how much we appreciate them. I chose my teacher because she has taught me so much, not only in school, but about life. She has always been a teacher I could count on," said Ja'Toney McGhee of math teacher Shelia Gilmore. Senior Timothy Dawn gave his jersey to art teacher Nancy Delorme. “Sometimes we get bogged down in the daily grind, even wondering if it is worth the struggle to continue teaching. Then BAM something like this happens and you realize that it is worth it all,” Delorme said.