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Camden Fairview High School Student Shines at UAMS Summer Research Internship Program

Posted Date: 07/28/2022

Camden Fairview High School Student Shines at UAMS Summer Research Internship Program

Camden Fairview High School student Dorian Rice knew she wanted to spend her summer being productive, and she was also interested in learning more about career options in the medical field. Thanks to hard work and her AP World History teacher, Dorian was able to accomplish both goals this summer by attending the UAMS Summer Research Internship Program. Today, she presented her research, “Cytotoxic effects of dehydroleucodine (DHL) on murine triple negative breast cancer cells in vitro”, at the Summer Research Internship Symposium. The crowd included her proud parents, Edward and Tanya Rice, the CFHS administrative team, and many other supporters watching online.

Dorian, who is entering her junior year at CFHS, shared, “I am so happy that I got to spend the past nine weeks doing this. This program was not easy, but it’s so rewarding to see how all your hard work can pay off!” She credited CFHS counselor Tavitha Wooten and AP World History teacher Heather James for encouraging her to attend the program. Mrs. James said, “When Mrs. Wooten sent the information about the internship, I immediately thought of Dorian. Dorian talked constantly in class about how she wanted to go into medicine but she wasn’t sure which field. I thought this would be a great opportunity to have hands-on research in one of the fields of medicine.”

Dorian said Coach Chris Coker’s Pre-AP Chemistry class helped prepare her for the program. “I feel like it would be an understatement to say how much his class prepared me for this program. I literally brought my notes from his class with me to help with my math. We spent a lot of time this past year working with dilutions and understanding molarity. A lot of the math that I did this summer was based on dilutions. Without the firm understanding I had on molarity, this program would’ve been a lot harder.”

One of the program highlights for Dorian was a weekly class focused on a different scientific topic. “We had classes on medical ethics, oral presentations, clinical trials, and we even had a panel of doctors speak to us on careers as well. My favorite talk was the tour of research where we learned about some of the research departments within UAMS. This talk was amazing, and my favorite presentation was definitely from the department of Pharmacology and Toxicology.”

Dorian’s work ethic and determination have her on a path to success. Mrs. James said, “I knew she would excel in the program. She always puts forth her best effort and dedication to whatever she wants to accomplish. I was very impressed with her drive to pass the AP World History exam. She spent countless hours outside of class studying and writing to prepare for the exam. That dedication let me know that she would excel in their elite program. I am very proud of Dorian and all of her hard work this summer.”

Dorian has found strong support and opportunities at CFHS and the UAMS program. “The staff that helped with this program were so nice and helpful. My mentor and everyone else who worked in our lab were the sweetest and most helpful people and were willing to take time out of their day and help us if we needed it. Also I want to thank my principals for attending my presentation. They are really dedicated to helping their students succeed and I am so happy that they came and watched me present.”

Congratulations to Dorian on this wonderful accomplishment!