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Central Office Staff

District Administration Staff


Superintendent:    Fred Lilly
Deputy Superintendent:    
Assistant Superintendent:    Johnny Embry
Director of Transportation & Maintenance:    Andre Toney
Special Programs Coordinator:    Javana McCall
Athletic Director:    Ricky Tucker
Assistant Athletic Director:    Jake Monden


Support Services 

Food Services:    Leslie Sutton
Physical Health Services:    Kristi Dean (RN)
Mental Health Services:    Tina Embry, M.Ed., LPC
Technology Department:    Shelia Jacobs, Daryl Moore
Payroll Clerk:    Melanie Doss
Student Management/Athletics Secretary:    Penny  Mayweather
Accounts Payable Clerk:    Mildred Rhodes
Superintendent's Secretary:   Lynette Buchanan
Business Manager:    Tammy Williams
Receptionist/APSCN Secretary:    Yvonne Tucker
Maintenance/Transportation Secretary:    Makayla Burris